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You might be one among them who are not able to decide which casino is better the online casino or the land based casino. I you compare both of them playing in online casino have more advantages.  Many people do not miss the land casino as the online casino gives them many offers. The mostly talked advantage of online casino is its convenience of playing from anywhere but there are many other benefits of w88 casino online. Once you know them you will be able to choose which one will suit you better.

  • When you play from land casino you need to meet the pace of the online casino employees. You will not be able to control the pace at your own wish. You will not be able to do anything even though you feel that they are too slow or fast. And when you are beginner for sure you would need some extra time to think before moving to next step. In online casino you will have this lenience and you can play at your pace.
  • When you go to the land casino you need to wait for your chance to play your favourite as it might be crowded and your game might be played by someone else at that time. But in online casino you just need to login to the registered online casino and then you can choose any game which you want to play. There is no one who will say that you can’t play it now.
  • When you go to the online casino, you might have only limited number of games. And if the place is small that limited number becomes more limited. But in the case of online casino you can play different varieties of games. Not only different variety but you can fine many different versions of one single game. You may try some new games and in no time those games might get included in your favourite list.
  • If you have played games in the land casino than you will very well know what type of rewards anyone would get there. You might get some free games, free drinks or cash back which is very rare. But you will be stunned to know the offers given by the online casino. You start getting the bonuses from the time you join the casino till your become a regular player. Some of the bonuses are welcome bonus, VIP perks or loyalty bonus, free spins and many more.


Hope you have better perceptive now on why online gaming is preferred more than land based games.

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