How To Play online poker In Your Free Time

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This is a free poker hand-ranking website. This website is designed so that you can print out the pages and have them laminated to protect them from spills, tears, or crayons. It includes all of the popular variations: Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem, and a five-card draw! Wait, a five-card interest? Well, if you’re reading this, then hopefully it’s because I’m not really here right now hinting at some horrible past life that involved playing five-card draw after my friends and I would get home from school as kids with dreams; of being professional gamblers one day… If anything, it’s an homage to those days. There’s no shame in loving cards as a child, and I spent many a day playing cards with the guys from my group home.

If you’re reading this, there was some malfunction with the software that converted my old blog posts into these printable pages, and it decided to put out a fully qualified poker hand ranking chart instead. I’m sorry.

The words in blue are links to explanations on how each of the hands ranks against each other. There aren’t any animations on this page though, maybe one day I’ll make an animated one, but for now, it’s just static images that aren’t as entertaining as computer-generated drawings of five-card draw hands duking it out like characters from Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat (are those games still popular among kids nowadays? Whatever, I have no idea what kids are into these days).

And maybe you’re wondering why the hell a poker hand ranking website would give rankings for the five-card draw. Well, it’s because of this:

How do you play a five-card interest?

I’m serious! If you’ve been given a printout of this page by me or some sort of software malfunction and your group of friends is trying to figure out how to play pkv poker, what do you do? I can’t imagine there’d be much yelling back and forth between those who know how to play and those who don’t, with everyone flipping over their hands as they go through the rules. We all want an easy way to explain how we poker, especially if we’re trying to play with awkward groups…

online poker game

And so I took upon myself the challenge of trying to explain five-card draw using only static images printed out on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Not something you can show in a video, but hey, if someone wants to animate it for me, then be my guest. Here we go:

This is how it usually goes down when people try and learn poker by reading through the rankings in this order:

You’re dealt five cards, and you look at them, then gather the other players to tell them what your hand is. You try and get everyone else’s “bet” (the chips that go into the pot) because this is probably the moment when someone realizes they can’t win, and then you scrap your hand and start over again.

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