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Lottery had many ups and down since its advent. They were started, stopped and then again started following and making certain amendments each time. In the southern states of US, government solely depended on lotteries after the civil war. The financial situation of government was so bad that it could not devise any way to generate revenue besides playing Lottery. This was the era were main history of lottery lies. The state legislature was the only lottery provider for the state and no other could organize in the state. The company paid a huge amount every year to the charity hospitals for people who were affected by the civil war. They paid for twenty-five long years. The only profit that was made by the government was through other lottery revenues and the taxes which they were exempted from. This lottery was very popular and profitable at the same time which gave back its organizers more than fifty percent of sheer profit.

Lottery gained so much of popularity that in late eighteenth century, congress banned the mailing of materials used by lotteries. This lottery was stopped and any sale of tickets across multiple states was banned and people doing so were severely punished. Once playing lottery was closed, people stopped playing it altogether. But there were certain bodies which regularly bribed the officials in the government and with fraudulent and deception ran lotteries. This was later published and was considered as a huge scandal in the state. People turned their backs to the lottery and lottery was completely wiped out across the country.

But nothing is for permanent and the attitude began to change in early twentieth century. Casino gambling started and gambling for charity became a common practice across the country. There were people organizing small lotteries for fund raising events but they were always scared of the government so it took two more decades for them to come out in open and operate.

Once the attitude was soften, the government also saw it as a profit making business and they started organizing again for raising funds. There were many lotteries which came up later on and they were all legalized. A huge amount went to the government as tax revenue and after that which was left was kept by the organizers in order to organize the next หวยอาจารย์ ก lottery and make profits accordingly. Lottery was again reborn in the states.

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