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Live Baccarat is one of the more exciting card games you can play at a real casino, and it’s also one of the best ways to make some serious money if you have the right kind of strategy. However, as with many other casino games, Live Baccarat can be intimidating to first time players who aren’t familiar with its intricacies and rules.

Who Can Play?

Anyone can play live baccarat. People from all over the world come to Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore, Monte Carlo, London or other gaming destinations just to experience it. In order for players to make bets at most table games in a casino, they must be 21 years old. Those who wish play live baccarat should take note that there is no age limit; it’s suitable for players of all ages.

What Are the Rules?

Before you hit a live casino, you’ll want to get your bearings on how Baccarat works. In short, players bet on whether two hands of cards will add up closer to nine or closest to zero (9 is a natural; 0 is a zero). The dealer deals two cards from a deck of four facedown. This leaves each player with one card face-up and one facedown.

Live Baccarat

Playing for Fun

If you’ve ever found yourself playing blackjack in a casino, but wished that there were some ways you could have all of those cards shuffled out of sight, then you might have already been interested in trying your hand at live baccarat. It may look like blackjack, it’s a card game after all but it is actually a completely different beast altogether.

Playing for Real Money

Despite what you might’ve heard, playing at an online casino isn’t exactly like live gambling. The odds aren’t always on your side, but if you know how to play Baccarat for real money and beat the house, you have a better chance at winning. Check out these tips for learning how to play live baccarat for real money at any casino.

All About the Game

To play live baccarat, you’ll need a basic understanding of how it’s played. Unlike most casino games, which are mostly luck-based (like blackjack), live baccarat has much more of an element of skill involved. Each hand consists of two cards, the player gets one card, and a banker or house gets one card.

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