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This article will help you find and read the best BOP casino poker books and gambling guides in terms of strategy, software, Situs Idn Poker bankroll and recommendations. No better way to make money than in BOP’s online poker games.

BOP is one of the best online poker sites in the world and as it’s one of the best, it attracts a lot of high-rolling players (think high rollers) who love playing in the ring and playing BOP’s daily tournaments and other games. That means you can expect to see some very nice looking table (or table for short) rankings at BOP’s poker rooms.

Before we look at the best BOP poker books, you should know that there are thousands of poker books on the market and a lot of them are fairly worthless.

However, the books below are ranked in order of the quality of information contained within each.

BOP Poker Books

We have selected the best BOP poker books for you. There are a few other books that are very good and could even be ranked above the ones we’ve selected but the books below are the ones we recommend reading.

Books on Strategy

High Rollers Rule is an older book by Shane Mobile. It’s just a solid poker strategy guide and very thorough. It’s filled with a bunch of tables that contain information on hand ranges and EV calculation.

HighRollers Rule contains tons of useful information. In fact, it’s one of the best books on poker strategy you’ll find.

The EV book is a free download and we’ve included a link to it below

The Winning Poker Experience by Duco Leskovac is a very solid poker strategy guide. It’s really interesting and will give you a lot of insight into how to play certain hands.

The Winning Poker Experience is a good read and contains a lot of useful information.

Poker Theory and Practice by Kevin Pritchard is a poker strategy book by one of the best known poker Situs Idn Poker coaches in the world. It’s highly rated and contains some great advice for both amateur and pro players.

The Card Counters Guide to Winning Poker by Mark Bankston is one of the best books on the market in terms of poker strategy.

This book contains a lot of useful information for the beginner and is very thorough in its explanations.

The Poker Vindicator by Mark Bankston is one of the best books on poker strategy.

There are two main aspects of this book that make it a great read:

it’s highly rated

it’s a great read for beginners

This book is really useful to beginners and it’s highly rated.

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